Back in June 2013, on the official blog, there was mentioned:

React isn’t an MVC framework. React is a library for building composable user interfaces.

While this is true, the term MVC framework is more of a marketing term. …

For me, building applications is like playing strategy games. I get to architect complex systems and, in a way, I feel like an artist.

Throughout my career, tight deadlines and ever-changing requirements were constants that often enough left me frustrated and overworked.

I wanted a way to avoid that small…

Hi and welcome to a SOLID example of implementing inversion of control (IOC) in TypeScript when working in distributed teams.

Spoiler alert! It’s all about plugins!

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The inspiration

We performed this tennis refactoring Kata by Emily Bache yesterday at work.

Your task is to write a “TennisGame” class containing the logic which outputs the correct score as a…

Let’s architect a React application from the ground up, exploring the domain and its services, store, application services and the view.

The four layers of single page applications — by Alberto V

Every successful project needs a clear architecture, which is understood by all team members.

Imagine you’re new to the team. The technical leader presents the proposed architecture for the new application coming up on the roadmap:

Light Functional JavaScript

I love Node.js! It’s very fast, lightweight and lets you spin up applications with just a few lines of code.

I remember reading about the Node.js callback hell and how there’s no escape from it

There’s even a website called the, lol.

What’s funny is that most times I don’t even realize how messy my code is until I try to test it.

Because I have no life, I once tried to retrieve some of my gists from the Github API, reduce them to…

I like the idea of test-driven development because it makes you think about what code does instead of how it does it.

At my current workplace, I am developing a very customer facing online store application in Angular.

Even if I’m not at the TDD level yet, I try to…

The people behind Angular describe it as being a “Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework”.

Because all Superheroes need Sidekicks, welcome ngrx, a Redux inspired state management system supercharged with RxJS.

Building Front-end applications should be easy, that’s what I used to say.
Is it different now? We’ll see…

It’s important for…

With the help of RxJS

The road to Single State Management

More and more people are talking about JavaScript state management systems like Redux, MobX or Relay. Almost every article, tutorial or talk out there has something to do with the libraries above.

Let’s say you join an ongoing Angular project and you say:

Yes, I want it, I want to…

Daniel Dughila

Chapter Lead at ING Tech, Romania @danielDughy

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